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Belize Program Development

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While most information found on the Internet about Belize, it presents a beautiful place to vacation and getaway. Beautiful beaches, lovely clear blue ocean waters, etc. But in fact, one of the most important facts we can share about Belize is that “49 percent of Belizean children live in poverty.”

Children in Belize

Hunger, broken families, challenges of employment exist all over, violence, drugs, etc. are all there.

Solution: Education!

Belize School Catholic

That is the best long term answer to break that cycle of poverty just as it is in most of the locations where CARITAS exists. And where Caritas is, Poverty, hunger, illiteracy, are all reduced.

Help Children in Belize

Please, consider helping our brothers and sisters in Christ there in Belize. Your donations are all gratefully appreciated and will support our CARITAS Ministry in many ways for thousands of children in Belize.

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