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Where We Work

sponsor an orphan child in Africa

Since emerging from decades of civil war and the devastation of AIDs, estimates indicate that 48% of Uganda’s population is below the age of 15.

Young children suffer disproportionately in the struggle to access healthcare, education and clean water. 
We sponsor the most children in Uganda because of the immense need that exists there. 

sponsor a kid in Africa
Nigeria is split between top and bottom by a religious divide of Christians and Muslims. Its people have suffered from kidnapping and slaughter at the hands of the terrorist group Boko Haram, and were affected by the recent Ebola epidemic.  

Education is simply too much for Nigeria’s poor people to afford and girls in Nigeria are particularly in need of education. In the Northern portion of the country, literacy rates for women are often well below 50%.

catholic charities sponsor a child
Statistics show that the overwhelming needs of children for food, clothing, adequate housing, healthcare, and education are not being met. This was exacerbated by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake on January 12, 2010, from which 250,000 people perished.

A staggering 80% of Haitians live below the poverty line and 45% of this population is illiterate. The number of children orphaned, and people displaced is difficult to precisely determine.

sponsor a child in central America
Located on the east side of Haiti, this country differs starkly from its neighbor; but its white sand beaches belie the fact that many children are in desperate need. The island is frequently pummeled by hurricanes and tropical storms that can significantly impact the lives of poor people.

Over 34% of Dominicans live below the poverty line. 
The most vulnerable are those people of Haitian origin who endure harsh living conditions, meager incomes, and social derision. Many Haitian children fled here; orphaned after the 2010 earthquake.
Help Orphanage in Poland
CARITAS For Children had its beginnings in Poland, forming its first partnership with the Little Servant Sisters of the Immaculate Conception in 1998. These were the sisters caring for the children Chris and Barbara, the founders of CARITAS, adopted from an orphanage in Czestochowa, Poland.

We still financially help the sisters with many projects, however, there are no direct sponsorships in Poland.
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