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CARITAS in Uganda

sponsor a child in africa to go to school
About Uganda
Known as the “Pearl of Africa”, Uganda is located on the shores of Lake Victoria in the Great Lakes region of East Africa. 

Emerging from the devastation of civil war in the 1970s and 1980s, Uganda has made significant steps in economic and social development, yet still faces major challenges. Families and communities struggle to access healthcare, education and other basic services and young children often suffer disproportionately. 

It is estimated that 48% of Uganda’s population is below the age of 15, many of them orphaned by AIDS and in need of help.
 CARITAS has programs in both Northern and Central Uganda. 
Caritas for Children in Uganda
child sponsorship organizations in Uganda Catholic

Central Uganda

In Central Ugandaour ministry is supported by the local Catholic Church which has a reputation for providing high quality education and medical care to communities in need. CARITAS For Children is privileged to work with several local Catholic institutions, including schools, parishes, hospitals and others, who are widely loved and respected, in providing resources for the impoverished people of: 
  • Kampala Archdiocese
  • Lugazi Diocese 
  • Masaka Diocese
  • Kasana-Luweero Diocese
Our Programs in Central Uganda:
  • Baby School Programs
  • Day Primary School Programs
  • Day Secondary School Programs
  • Boarding Primary School Programs
  • Boarding Secondary School Programs
  • Vocational School Programs
  • University Programs 
sponsor african orphan Uganda

Northern Uganda

The people of Northern Uganda are still feeling the effects of the recent civil warwith the younger generation being particularly impacted by violence and oppression. We are fortunate to provide our ministry in collaboration with the East African Province of Jesuits in Northern Uganda.
  • Gulu Archdiocese

The students in this school are underprivileged, and most have been directly affected by the recent war. Many of these students require trauma counseling, financial aid, and orientation to a school atmosphere.

Our Programs in Northern Uganda: 

  • Boarding Primary School Programs
  • Boarding Secondary School Programs
Caritas for Clergy in Uganda
Sponsor Seminarian in Africa Uganda

Sponsor a Seminarian

We the faithful need holy priests. Sadly, every year many vocations are lost because poor families can't afford to pay their child's seminary education. 

The Diocese and Religious Orders in Uganda also struggle to finance the formation of their candidates, and in turn, are forced to turn many good men away.

We believe that it is our privilege to support the vocations to the priesthood for those who have the calling, but are blocked due to financial limitations. 
CARITAS For Children offers an opportunity to Sponsor a Seminarian in Uganda, creating a sacred relationship between him and your family, while also making a global impact in the life of the Church. 
Help a nun in Africa Uganda

Adopt a Nun

The women sponsored by this program have dedicated their lives to the service of their brothers and sisters in need, and hope to continue to spread the Gospel throughout their various ministries. 

Education is the best way to empower these nuns to generously share their gifts, talents and knowledge with thousands of people. 
CARITAS For Children offers this program to sponsor the education of a religious sister.

This is a personal gift to her and the 
thousands of needy people she will encounter during the rest of her life. Our Ugandan sisters are eager to bring you into their prayers and serve as a beacon of spiritual light in any way they can.
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