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'You did it for me'' GOSPEL : Matthew 10:37-42

'You did it for me'' GOSPEL : Matthew 10:37-42

Dear friends,

On this thirteenth Sunday, we are exhorted to welcome Christ in others. This is especially, through the messengers of God and the needy people among us. We are further encouraged to be sensitive to the needs of one another in order to make a positive difference in their lives.

Jesus says that he is a above everyone and everything in our lives- even family! But this does not mean that we ignore others, especially those who might be in any sort of need. Through generosity and hospitality, we attract God's blessings to our homes and family thus transforming our lives and fortunes as well.

Today some people are so indifferent to others and their needs. We live in a sort of 'do it yourself' world. But we all need to depend on others in one way or another.
If we say that we are indeed Christians and follow Christ's message then we are to be actively 15f0051721e4d316375cf56b2dd377a8concerned about others around us . Jesus also says that whoever welcomes and serves his followers, welcomes and serves him. Indeed, by being charitable; we do it for him.

There would be something seriously wrong if we said that we are followers of Jesus but the quality of our daily lives didn't show this. There would be something not quite right if we said we believed in loving our brothers and sisters, but our actions showed the opposite. As the letter of St. James reminds us; faith without works is dead.

God cares for us, he loves us and he wants our attention and love. We all need to make room for him in our lives, our hearts and thoughts by loving one another. May we reach out and offer hospitality and kindness to those around us especially those in most need of our help.

Please have a blessed Sunday.

Fr Frank Kyazze Lwanga