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In today’s Gospel, we have two touch miracles by Jesus. In one, He was touched, while in the other, He was the one who touched. The woman who was suffering from hemorrhage for twelve years sought to touch Jesus. She believes that if she just touched him, she would be cured.

The woman who was suffering from hemorrhage for twelve years sought

The second miracle on the other hand, Jairus, the synagogue official, wanted Jesus to just lay His hands on his dying daughter. The woman was healed and the child was saved from death.

Jesus curing Jairus daughter
We may have many questions about this healing touch...

How can we avail of that healing touch?
How can we touch Jesus?
How can He touch us? 
Can Jesus still heal?

Of course, He can! He can do it again for us. Jesus can still touch and heal us. 
We can be connected with Jesus Physically through his healing touch. He can also connect with us spiritually. Faith makes that possible. Jesus will also grace us with His healing if we touch Him or allow ourselves be touched. And after we have been healed, we too can touch and transform others’ lives through LOVE.

Jairus with Jesus

But we have to have faith in Him just like the sick woman and Jairus. The hemorrhage woman and Jairus’s daughter may have had contact with the Lord Jesus, but it was their faith which made the healings possible.

Both Jairus and the woman never gave up, instead, they waited patiently until the plan of God was fulfilled for them. The woman demonstrated her living faith through her action of touching Christ’s garment. She waited for twelve years, and when her chance came, she took it in faith. She was not afraid or ashamed of the crowd.

The woman who was suffering from hemorrhage

Also, Jairus demonstrated his faith on behalf of his daughter by persistently inviting Christ until he visited his house.

How many of us today can learn from these two pillars of faith and ideal in the discipleship of Jesus? When we are faced with similar problems can we measure up to their conviction and manner of gaining divine help? It is also necessary that we be charitable and helpful to others.  

After we have been touched by Jesus and healed we need to touch and help others reach out to Jesus. We have a role to play in the plan of God towards others. So, while Christ seeks our welfare every day, we too must constantly seek the welfare of others.

We pray that we may cease and utilize well all opportunities to help others and that we may extol the Lord for helping us.  May he raise our soul from death and restore us back to life when we sink into the grave. Amen.

Fr. Kyazze Frank Lwanga