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The Catholic Journey of Lent- Lead us not into Temptation

The Catholic Journey of Lent- Lead us not into Temptation

THE FIRST SUNDAY OF LENT (Gospel: Mark 1:12- 15)

Dear friends,

As we begin our journey of lent, let us remember that lent is our wilderness, a time of renewal. Lent is a beginning, a preparation for and reinforcement of our ongoing struggle to resist the temptations we face in our lives.Catholic Lent
Just as Jesus was exposed in the wilderness to the evil one and had to overcome his sneaky allurements, lent is designed to also expose us, so that we too can overcome anything that hinders our wholehearted response to God.

As Christ was tested, so shall we all be tested; temptation is inevitable in our Christian journey. Every day of our lives, the devil tempts us, and he will continue doing so. However, this should not frighten us, because, thanks to Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit is always available to help us.

Jesus and the Holy Spirit

As we prepare to renew our covenant with God, just like Christ, we must persist in prayer, fasting, abstinence, and almsgiving. Pope Francis says " No act of virtue can be great if it is not followed by the advantage for others. So no matter how much time you spend fasting, if you do no good to others, you do nothing great." Almsgiving Lent

This Lent, let us live out our fast by extending a helping hand to the needy, especially the poorest of the poor. If you are looking for a great option to donate to, please check our Caritas for Children, a Catholic nonprofit organization that is dear to my heart.

As we continue on the journey of confronting the temptations in our daily life, let us recognize the nature of these temptations and the bonds of selfishness from which we want to be freed, by deciding to live out the true spirit of lent. During this year's penitential time of lent, let us also remember that we are strengthened by the company of Jesus, who endured and remained steadfast till the end.

Fr. Frank Kyazze Lwanga.