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Today on Christmas, we remember the best gift we ever received.
It is the gift of love from God.

He sends His only Son Jesus Christ to the world as our Savior and Lord. Sacred Scripture which is the love letter of God to each one of us, has it:

“God so loves the world that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him might not perish but might have eternal life,” (John 3:16).

It is also the gift of the Son who chooses to make His dwelling among us and to become like us that we may become like Him.

God becomes man, not as a warrior, not as a great leader, not as one who will blaze new trails in some new, distant world.

He comes as a helpless infant, a sniffling, weeping little child, in need of love, in need of tenderness, in need of a mother and a father to keep him, and to be good to him, and to care for him.

And we wonder.

We look at the child and we say, “This is the Son of God?!”

Indeed, it is a great mystery.
And we don’t know why He did it. But there are some basic understandings of why he would come this way. It is simply because he comes out of love.

Only love does such things.

Today, my brothers and sisters, we celebrate sacrifice.
So, we too must be ready to sacrifice something for the good of our brothers and sisters and the world at large, as Christ did by leaving his heavenly throne in order to be with us.

Today, we celebrate humility.
We must learn humility from Christ, who, though was rich, became poor for our sake. Yes, he was born in the lowliest place; the manger. The only thing he says is, “Love one another as I have loved you. Love not me, but love one another as I have loved you. And if you do that you will change the world.”

As we meditate on the joy of today, let us not forget what today signifies for our soul. Because of Him, we are now qualified to approach the throne of Mercy and obtain forgiveness of sins. And because of this gift from God, we are no longer going to live our lives in fear and guilt, but in love!

Let us also remember that the joy of Christmas should not be for you alone, but should be extended to our family, and to others in need of our love, care and prayers.

Have a smile on your face and be the reason why others will rejoice. Let us share our joy by reaching out to the poor.

Let us be ambassadors of God’s Joy.

May the joy and grace we receive today fill our hearts, homes, our places of work and the entire world. Bringing healing to our bodies, and soul, claim our worries and bring a new life to us through Christ our new born King.

Let us be happy! Rejoice! Be glad! God’s love for us is beyond telling.

But never forget that joy shared is joy extended and a candle only, only, shows its true nature and its true value in darkness and in giving off its light to others.

Merry Christmas!!!!