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Retaliate, but with Love

Retaliate, but with Love

Jesus today challenges the world with his call to universal love. He invites us to love our enemies and bless those who curse us.

Other instructions that he gives us this Sunday, include; nonretaliation, non-violence, unconditional kindness, mercifulness, forgiveness, refraining from judging people, and unfettered Charity.

We know that God has many serious reasons for being unforgiving and taking revenge on us, but God is love, and his incredible mercy and generosity is an amazing revelation, but also a challenge and invitation for us to be and do the same.

In God's ways and thoughts, good should prevail over evil. Individually, we should not allow evil to overcome us, but we should strive to overcome evil with good.

Jesus challenges us to stand out and be different. The world should be shocked by our radical love of our enemies.

Following Jesus in forgiving and loving our enemies is not an easy path, but in doing so we will find healing for our brokenness and life in all its fullness.

In forgiving, Jesus invites us not only to free the individual who wounded us but also to free ourselves from pain, anger, and hurt that binds us. Jesus is patient and yet persistent.

He continually invites us and calls us to forgive one another.

Let us love all our enemies, let us love the outcasts, let us love and support the needy children. Let us learn to do good and pray for all of our enemies.

If we are more effective at carrying out this great commandment of loving God and loving one another, we can make a difference. What a world we can create together if we walk this path of love imitating our Lord Jesus Christ.