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I AM the True Vine, Remain in Me

I AM the True Vine, Remain in Me

Dear friends

Today’s gospel is a call to strengthen our relationship with Christ in order to continue to live in Him. The type of relationship that should exist between us and Christ is illustrated using what is natural to us. That is the relationship between a vine and its branches.

Jesus says, abide in me. Closely attach yourself to me, just as a branch attaches itself to a vine. Stay near, so that my life can flow through you, there is both reliance and resting in the balance of a branch.

No branch can have life or bear fruit on its own unless it is firmly attached to a tree. Likewise, in our spiritual life and journey as Christians, we cannot do without being firmly attached to Christ the vine, in whose name we were baptized. We are created and called to remain in Christ for a purpose, and this purpose is, to bear durable fruits in him.

A true relationship with God can only be maintained by remaining in Christ the true vine. We are the branches of the true vine. Two types of branches exist those unattached and those that are attached to the stem. The unattached are those who cut themselves from the true vine. They are by themselves and cannot bear fruits. Those attached to the vine are Christians who remain in Christ no matter what may come.

Storms of life are not too strong to break them from the major stem. Temptations and trials could not be more powerful as to make them fall away. The attached branches receive nourishment from Christ the true vine. Their prayers are answered, “When he calls on me I will answer him” (Psalm 91:15). They bear many fruits.

We come to know Jesus through the Scriptures, the living Word of God. Our commitment to being Christ’s disciples is sustained through God’s Word. This commitment is also strengthened by our life of prayer and nourished by the Eucharist. Through the Eucharist, Jesus dwells in us, remains with us, and transforms us so that we might bear fruit in his name.


Many people act in ways that show their commitment to serve their neighbors. Christians and non-Christians feed the hungry, care for the sick, shelter the homeless, and give alms to the poor.

These actions become acts of Christian discipleship when they are motivated by our relationship with Jesus. Jesus wants us to abide in him always. When we remain in Christ we bear many fruits that last forever. God is glorified in us, our prayers are answered and our joys will be complete.

Let us so abide in the Lord Jesus and stay connected with vine so as produce the fruits of the Holy Spirit which include Charity, Joy, Peace, Patience, Benignity, Goodness, Modesty, Faith, Chastity, Mildness and so on.

Fr Kyazze Frank Lwanga