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God Never Abandons us

God Never Abandons us

In today’s Gospel, Jesus cured a deaf and mute person. The people following Him begged Him to heal the man. Jesus obliged by touching both the ears and tongue of the deaf-mute and commanding “Ephphata” which means “Be opened.” Immediately the sick man was able to hear and speak.

“Open” is one beautiful word and action we have. We marvel and celebrate a lot of openings; new store, new league, new gadgets, gifts, windows, and doors. We also use the word to describe the recommended attitude of opening our hearts, minds, wills, and person. Opening allows the flowing in or out of things, ideas, and opportunities.

Be Opened

The deaf-mute in the Gospel today had ached for an opening of his hearing and speaking.

Can you imagine his situation?
No music.
No idea and experience of the sound of nature.
No human voice was heard.
It was made worse by not being able to speak.
His interaction was limited.
Even if others want to communicate with him, nothing is achieved.
He was present but still absent. He was imprisoned by his own sickness. His sickness closed his world.

Then, Jesus gave the command, “Be opened.”
“Be opened” so that he can absorb and welcome new ideas and things.
“Be opened” so that he can throw out his impurities.
But most of all, “Be opened,” so that he can receive God’s graces!

He received the gift of healing from his sickness. He welcomed God’s grace of salvation.

Jesus has proclaimed Ephphata in our lives too! Jesus has created a new life in us for our society. Jesus has created a new world where he made all things to be good. In this new world, the dry land shall produce plenty water, the deaf will still hear and the dumb will proclaim the goodness of God. There will be no segregation of any kind. Let us not be discouraged by any of our closed doors.

Not only sickness makes us closed. Our obsession with fame, power, Pride and beauty may also close our person to God’s grace. When we have been eaten by these worldly concerns, we close ourselves to God’s love and grace. When it happens, we limit and weaken ourselves. Be opened! It is humbling ourselves before God. Be opened! It makes us close to God. Be opened! It makes us leave our old and sinful life towards a new and holy life.

Jesus shows us the way, those who deserve our preferential treatment, namely the poor, the disabled and less privileged. They deserve preference because they're not equally privileged in life.

All the miracles of Christ are simply avenues of showing how much love God has for us in order to draw us closer to Him. Let us change our negative perception of life and work to add value to it by caring for and supporting those who truly need our love. May God strengthen our good resolve to show preference to the poor.