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God Cares For The Little One

God Cares For The Little One

Today, the twenty sixth Sunday of ordinary time, we thank God who freely gives his spirit to all. Through God’s free gift, people of all nations can resist evil and manifest His LOVE in their lives and actions. 

In the gospel, John complained to Jesus that a man who did not belong to their group was sighted casting out demons in Jesus’s name.

John did not understand the way of God, that no person or entity has the monopoly of God and his gifts. The response of Jesus is strong evidence that God’s ways are not our ways, neither his thoughts our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8).

God works in the heart of every man and woman, transforming him or her to become His instrument or witness in the world. This is the truth: God loves each one of us regardless of religion. Hence, anyone can be an instrument of God’s power and love. Let us never prevent others from doing the work of redemption even if he/she does not belong to our camp.

Let us be an instrument for God to bless others. Let us always remember that every good deed, great or small, be it a gesture of giving a cup of water or monetary support to the needy, is not lost in the sight of God. By allowing ourselves to be a channel of His love and joy to others, we will reap the reward of eternal life.

Jesus comes to give us a new commandment, to love one another just as he has loved us. If anyone gives even a cup of water to another in the name of Christ, it changes everything. On the other hand, woe to us if we become the stumbling block for others to know Christ. Woe to us if we become the reason for others to fall.

The Way of Christ is expressed in love and compassion and, wherever that happens, the action is noted and rewarded. Acts of kindness by Jesus' followers may be simple, but they are also a genuine reflection of their Lord's kindness and compassion that were shared with all sorts of people.

Let us all work together, cooperate, for the completion of the work of redemption. The task is enormous. Millions of people are still to be evangelized. There is no time for in-fighting or jealousy among the workers.

We are only a few but the harvest is abundant (Matthew 9:37). In our families, among our business associates and colleagues, what is our attitude towards those who are on the road to success? If we team up together, productivity will be maximized, love will increase, and the world will be a better place.