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Generosity and Trust in Divine Providence

Generosity and Trust in Divine Providence

In the gospel, the generosity of the poor widow, in the midst of so many people offering in the temple, caught the eye of Jesus who then praised her. Trusting in the divine providence for her survival, offered everything she had. She offered generously because she knew and trusted the God she served.

By placing her entire trust and future in God's Hands, she conquered her fear of the future and the instinct of self-preservation. The widow teaches us that; "Givers never lack and blessed is the hand that gives and the hand that receives."

God appreciates our little efforts and gifts. God does not look at the number of your gifts but the quality of your love. Jesus applauded the widow in the gospel because she gave all she has to live on; she emptied her purse; she offered her whole livelihood; this is a perfect gift.

Our great provider (Gen 22:14) knows our needs and how to meet them. All we need to do is to trust in his divine providence. So let us ask Christ to grant us a very generous heart so that we can see generously because:

May God enkindle in us the spirit of generosity and love towards the needy.

May God continue to provide for us as we give without counting the cost.

May the source of your income never dry up as you show generosity to God and others.