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''Forgiveness Liberates and Heals'' Matthew 18:21-35

''Forgiveness Liberates and Heals'' Matthew 18:21-35

Dear friends,

We live in the world with moments of conflicts, injury and pain. In this context , Peter's question and Jesus' response speaks to us.

In this gospel text, Jesus takes the teaching of forgiveness to a practical level. Peter asked a forgive seventy times seventheoretical question;  How many times must I forgive my brother?' Jesus answered him in the most practical way, ' Seventy seven times'. Christ' s response simply reminds us that forgiveness does not have limits. We must forgive all, always and forever. If we are still counting how many times we have forgiven someone, we are not really forgiving them at all, but simply postponing revenge.

So Jesus is telling Peter and us today that there is to be no end to forgiveness. Forgiveness is not something done occasionally, it is to be part of our lives. There is no limit to forgiveness, just as there is no limit to love. As God freely forgives us, we are called, difficult as it may be to forgive those who hurt us.

The command to forgive again and again seems humanly impossible. But the good news in all this is that we are not alone. In it all, God is with us.

Remember, Pope Francis often reminds us that Church is not a museum for saints. It is more like a field hospital, which heals the wounded, strengthens the weak and lifts up the lowly. A place were everyone is welcomed, loved and forgiven. Let us live it's mission of healing and liberating by loving and forgiving one another after the example of Christ.

Fr. Frank Kyazze Lwanga