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Do you Love Me more than these?

Do you Love Me more than these?

In today’s gospel, Jesus appeared to his apostles for the third time.

This time it was in the place of their “fishing business.” What a frustrated and embarrassed group of men they were! In spite of their fishing experience and skills they could not catch any fish.

Then, after a great catch of fish at the intervention of the Lord, Jesus asked Peter three times: “Simon, son of John, do you love me? Feed my lambs…look after my sheep…”

Christ needed to be assured of Peter’s commitment to lead his flock.

By the nature and character of our Lord’s visit to the apostles, we identify love.

Love is the message.

It was love that moved our Lord to seek out his close disciples who abandoned him when he was arrested and taken away for crucifixion.

It was love that brought our Lord to them after their fishless toiling throughout the night.

It was out of love that he directed them to where they can make a huge catch and it was out of love also that he kept breakfast for them after the fatigue of the night.

In the interrogation with Peter, our Lord Jesus Christ demonstrated to him that he, being the head of the apostles, should make sure that the love story continues.

Truth to the fact, Peter had professed his undying love for Jesus Christ when he said that even if the others should fall away he will stand by Jesus (Mark 14:29). However, he broke this promise and went ahead to deny the Lord at the most needful time.

Jesus Christ our Lord asked him three times if he loved him and three times he said he does and by so doing he undid the three historic times he denied the Lord.

Love is not just what we profess, but rather, love is what we practice; it is a verb, not just a noun.

We notice that each time; Peter says I love you Lord. He tells him to do something; feed my lambs, tend my sheep, and feed my sheep.

We understand here that our Lord not only forgives Peter but also commissions him for the task ahead. 

Notice here that our Lord does not revisit any of the past events he rather focuses on the future.

Our Lord  instead comes with the message of love and reconciliation with those who abandoned him during his suffering, and he beautifully does that with the presentation of a hot breakfast after the cold night.

Do you reach out with love to those who denied and abandoned you at the most critical moment in your life?

The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ invites us to allow love to rise and reign in our lives and relationships.

Love is not an option that you can take or leave; it is a commandment (John 13:34-35).

As we continue to celebrate the joy of the resurrection, it is important for us to personalize our Lord’s question to Peter, “do I love him more than these (my job, wealth, relationships, family, education, and my life)? Your answer would be as good as what your life would become.

Have a blessed week ahead.