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Christ Feeds His People (John 6: 1-15)

Christ Feeds His People (John 6: 1-15)

In the gospel, Jesus upon seeing the devastated crowd who came in search of him, set out immediately to share the word of God with them. After feeding them with the word of God, he asked Philip where they could buy bread to feed the multitude. Jesus is now extending his care from the soul to the body.

The request made by Jesus to Philip in view of buying bread was like a difficult and unrealizable task. Philip gave a very straight and simple answer; it is impossible to get such a large supply around this place.

Often when faced with hard situations in life, we behave like Philip. We say it is not possible, we claim and assume that nothing can be done. Philip actually represents most of us who cannot see beyond what human power and resources can do. We often like Philip see fear where we ought to see faith.

But in all this, Jesus knew exactly what to do. In our lives, God knows exactly what to do. In our challenges and hassles, God knows exactly what to do. Philip thought that money can answer and address the situation, but this happened to fall beyond the region of finance into the region of faith.

It was at this point that we saw a flicker of faith coming from Andrew. He said that he could see a boy with five loaves of bread and two fish, but that will not be enough for the crowd.

I bring your attention to the generosity of the little boy. He is a hero in this miracle. He generously offered what he had and his generosity became the motivation of a great miracle for his community. From two fish and five loaves, the community was blessed with more than twelve baskets of food. This shows that at times, God works with what we have.

To be compassionate is to be like Christ. To be generous is to cooperate with Christ in his ministry. Christ sought the cooperation of his disciples and community, and the little boy cooperated with what he had. He exhibited a fraternal spirit and so, changed the destiny of his community.

How do we respond to the needs of our community in times of need?

The goods we have, our talents, time, knowledge, experience, even our faith and our values are things we are called to place at the service of others.

A generous and compassionate attitude towards others can enrich the life of many, as well as our own life. When compassion and generosity embrace, great miracles happen for a community united by one faith, one spirit, and one baptism.

Finally, through our love, generosity and compassion, Christ continues to work miracles in our midst.

He continues to feed and nourish us physically and spiritually. He is physically present in the Eucharist and ultimatelty through each one of us. You have his hands, eyes, and legs. Let us emulate the little boy and offer our five loaves and two fish. They are going to make a difference in many people’s lives.

Fr. Frank Kyazze Lwanga