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Bring it to Jesus- Matthew 14:13-21

Bring it to Jesus- Matthew 14:13-21


Dear friends,

In our gospel today, Jesus feeds an enormous hungry crowd of people with just five loaves and two fish. Jesus freely provides more than enough food for the whole multitude through the miracle of the Multiplication of the loaves and fish. This was seemingly impossible to men. But nothing is impossible for God, and nothing is impossible when people are touched by the spark of divine compassion and generosity.

The hunger in our world today is all too real and painful. But there are other hungers too. Hunger for peace, security, hunger for help and comfort in difficulties, hunger for happiness. God wills to satisfymaxresdefault (1)-1 all our hungers. But God waits for us to come with our five loaves and two fish. So what remains? To believe, to trust that the Lord is absolutely to be relied on. Let us bring our hungers to him, let us bring our five loaves and two fish for multiplication, so that all can be healed of their hungers. Situations that are impossible with men are possible with God. Once faced with impossible situations of life, Jesus says; *Bring them to me ( Mt. 14:17). When we put our efforts to surrender our deserted lives to Jesus, our Lord and master, with our weakness, He takes us to the pasture land by blessing us and giving us abundant lives.

Like the little boy who gave up his share. We too experience the miracle when we give up our share to God. Moved by pity and compassion, Jesus sprang into action. Jesus also invites us to be moved by compassion and help someone. God will multiply your efforts. God will multiply our tiny offerings to do his work like the five loaves and two fish. He is only asking us to be apart of his work.

Jesus' demonstration of compassion is a model for us. Life is not about our convenience but about serving the Lord. Ministering to others is always convenient, yet, as we see people through God's love we reach out self sacrificially to meet their needs. Let our hearts be touched and transformed by the divine compassion and generosity so that we share what we have received with those in need, and everyone has more than enough.
Be blessed
Fr. Frank Kyazze Lwanga