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Why We Decided to Sponsor a Child

Why We Decided to Sponsor a Child

Stephen and I were married in July 2015. Ever since our wedding day, we have been looking forward to starting a family together. However, we have never wanted our "family" to be confined to ourselves and our own children. As Catholics, we embrace the notion of spiritual family, and feel strongly that it is our duty to share our gifts and love with the world, especially to children who are in need.

Pamela My husband and I sponsor Pamela through CARITAS' Uganda child sponsorship programs.

Even before our marriage, we had discussed sponsoring a child in order to extend our family and reach out to those in need. We were delighted when our online searches led us to CARITAS For Children. We loved their unique approach to sponsorship, in that they partner with local religious communities to care for the children whom they serve. The Church is such an integral part of our relationship that it was important to us to try to find an organization that would incorporate the faith in the care of our sponsored child. We are confident that the sisters will not only tend to and nurture the physical and intellectual needs of the children, but also to the needs of their soul, loving them as Christ would, and bringing them to Him.

We began sponsoring Pamela in Uganda in November 2015. Although we would have happily sponsored any child, we love that she is only three years old. Because she is so young, we have many years to look forward to as we build a relationship with her, and watch her grow up under the loving care of the sisters. We also look forward to the day when God blesses us with children of our own, that they, too, may foster a relationship with her, thinking of her as their "older sister'. We are so grateful to be a part of her life, and a part of the CARITAS mission.

When Stephen and I decided to sponsor a child, we found Pamela in CARITAS For Children's child sponsorship programs.