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Helping Mothers through Child Sponsorship Programs

Helping Mothers through Child Sponsorship Programs

In light of Mother's Day this weekend I would like to share with you the story of a very special mother and grandmother.

Today I decided to visit this incredible lady in her village called Mayirikiti in the outskirts of Nkokonjeru. She warmly welcomed me, although I found her in her small garden digging. She is a mother of nine children and grandmother of two in addition. She is the sole provider of food for four of her children still at home and her two grandchildren who were left in her care. This family has one meal a day. Besides tending her own garden she digs (hoes in the fields to remove weeds and loosen the soil so that moisture reaches the plant roots) to earn a living to provide essentials of the home, including school fees for her two youngest sons and two grandchildren.

This mother and grandmother works so hard every day digging, because she understands the value of education. Manual labor such as digging in Uganda is physically demanding work, and she knows her children will have better opportunities for employment and success in life if they are able to get an education.


a mother stands with her hoe and her children and grandchildren by her sideThe mother, her son Paul to her right, an older son in the back, son Mark stands next to Paul. Seated from l-r, grandchildren Daniella and Benedict, son Martin.

Due to lack of money, her elder children could not go far with their educations. Some are married and others are looking here and there for work to earn a living. She is determined that her younger sons and grandchildren have better chances to succeed by means of an education.

One of her younger sons, Mark (9), is fortunate to have had a sponsor through CARITAS For Children's child sponsorship programs since the beginning of the new school year at St. Alphonsus Demonstration School. Another son, Martin (7), has a pending sponsorship. His attendance at St. Alphonsus has been on and off because of the difficulty the family has had paying his school fees.

This week we were able to find a sponsor for her son Paul, who is 15. Until then, this boy, who is very bright, had been working to pay his own school fees! As he wasn't always able to earn enough money, his attendance at St. Peter's secondary school was sporadic.

Her grandson Benedict (4), has been sponsored to attend St. Anthony Nursery School since March. Through God's grace, her granddaughter Daniella (3), now has a sponsor as well.

When I was worried about finding sponsors to relieve the burden of this mother, she comforted me. She said, "Don't worry Sister, God will provide."

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