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Feature Fridays: David

Feature Fridays: David

FF David Profile Pic

Romans 12:5 says, "So we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another.' In other words, the Bible is reminding us that we are never completely disconnected from one another. Those who have experienced a broken family or tragic loss can find solace in the larger, interconnected web of human beings that co-habitate the Earth. The issue with this line of thought is observed when we forget that everyone--not just those we live and eat with--are our family.

David Kato's family has indeed seen adversity. His father passed away when David and his twin sister were only but three months old. Their mother and two other siblings were left in a state of intense poverty, without even a garden with which to grow their own food, a common asset used to combat poverty-induced hunger in Uganda. 

For awhile, David's mother went door-to-door in their village looking for work, and more often than not would help neighbors dig and dredge their properties. The work took a toll on her body, but kept food on the table for the children and--usually--herself. David and his siblings had essentially no hope for attending school until the day grace entered their lives in the form of a sponsor-family from America. 

It takes a village to raise a child, and everyone that you know (or don't know) on this Earth are members of a diverse, global village. The sponsor-family that took up the cost of David's education for seven years effectively utilized love to transcend geographical and cultural barriers which keep us physically and mentally separated from one another. Recounting the warm memories of David's relationship with his previous sponsors, he says he even referred to the father of the American family as 'Dad', since he never knew his own father and felt such pure and unfettered compassion from them. They wrote letters back and forth, received David's report cards, and had a true, cross-continental relationship that was built on the sturdy foundation of God's Love (caritas). 

It is important to note that David's mother maintained a strong matriarchal role in his life, finding time to show her children love even in the midst of dire circumstances and a terribly laborious work situation. One of David's favorite memories is when his mother brought into school a special dish made of fried chapattis and an egg, known as 'rolex' in Uganda. He says that she always encouraged him to work hard in school and shows great pride in her son's academic pursuits. 

Unfortunately, the sponsor family from America can no longer support David's education. But David has not lost hope. He is still in school, where he excels in English and his favorite subject is Science. David has ambition, and wants to become an airplane pilot after completing his education. He just needs one last push from his global village, and he will soar. Sponsor him today, and become even more connected to the global village that comprises our delicate human race. 

To sponsor David, click on the button below. And stay tuned each Friday for more stories like his!

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