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Sponsor a Seminarian -Supporting Catholic Vocations

Sponsor a Seminarian -Supporting Catholic Vocations

When we talk about the future of the Church, one subject that immediately comes to mind is catholic vocations. All Catholics are called to contribute to our wider faith community through a particular vocation, whether marriage, religious life, priesthood, or consecrated single life.
Catholic vocations

We are taught that the spiritual gifts and physical talents we receive from the Holy Spirit are not meant for us to hoard within ourselves, but rather to be shared with our community through a particular vocation. This “giving of self” is at the heart of catholic life and follows in the footsteps of Christ who gave himself to us completely through his teaching, ministry, and Passion.

Though there are a multitude of ways that the everyday catholic can contribute to their faith community, one of the most unique and special ways is through sponsoring a catholic seminarian.

Seminarians are arguably the most important element of the Church’s future. Without priests, we would have no sacraments. That means no Mass, and no one to lead our communities in persona Christi, in the person of Christ. In essence, without future vocations to priesthood, there is no future for the Catholic Church.


Supporting Catholic Vocations is a Vocation in Itself

Seminarians face many challenges on the path to priesthood. Theology studies are not easy, and neither is training for ministry. Seminarians need all the prayers and moral support they can get!  Likewise, daily Catholic living comes with its own trials and challenges.

That is why sponsoring a seminarian is a unique catholic vocation in itself, and not everyone is called to it. For those who are called, it is a profoundly grace-filled way to participate in the future of the Church’s life and mission. It is also not just about contributing to the seminarian’s tuition, but about something much deeper: spiritual friendship with a future priest.

Future Priest

Sponsoring a seminarian is a path to be discerned

When you sponsor a seminarian, you enter into a rare and extraordinary relationship. You can be assured that the young man you support on his path to priesthood will offer prayers for you incessantly as you offer prayers for him - and seminarians pray a lot! Not only this, but through the spiritual friendship you develop with this young man, you’ll have a priest friend who will be available to pray for you in a special way  for the rest of his life.

The blessings that come from a lifetime of priest’s prayers are innumerable. This special vocation to sponsor a seminarian is not meant for everyone, however, it is meant for everyone to discern.

Praying priest

How to Sponsor a Seminarian and Support a Vocation?

If you’re interested in learning more about sponsoring a seminarian, wish to learn how to properly discern such a calling, or would like to enter into this unique Catholic vocation today, there are plenty of opportunities to do so through Caritas for Children.

Feel free to reach out to Caritas here with any questions or learn more about their Sponsor a Seminarian Program. If you choose to support the future of the Church in this unique way, it’s certain that God will smile upon you through the abundant prayers of a future priest.


Vic Russak is an Albany, NY based content writer specializing in food, nutrition, and Catholic faith topics. Learn more about his work here.