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Yenifer Ortiz
Sponsor Me For:
Dominican Republic
DOB: 11/29/2015
Excellent Health
Favorite Pastime: Riding Bike

Yenifer and her older sister live with their grandmother, Mrs. Holeny, who is Haitian. Besides the two girls, Mrs. Holeny is responsible for many other family members living in the house, and she is the only breadwinner. She is a vendor on the street trying to provide for nine people at home!

Mrs. Holeny wants her two granddaughters to live with the Sisters so that they can be removed from the bad influence of their parents, who are criminals and do not give the girls the care they need. Yenifer and her sister are often exposed to dangerous situations, such as illegal substance use and physical abuse, so living in the Orphanage will be a safe environment for them to grow up in.

To help Yenifer go to boarding school, she will need $90/month from one sponsor or $45/month from two sponsors. 

About my community:
St. Teresa of Avila (San Juan)
In the diocese of San Juan, CARITAS provides our ministry in collaboration with the Carmelite Sisters. Because our children are being taught and brought up by these sisters, the patron saint whose intercession we ask for this community is St. Teresa of Avila, a famous Carmelite saint.
About my country:
Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic, on the eastern side of the island of Hispaniola, is frequently pummeled by hurricanes and tropical storms that can significantly impact the lives of poor people. Over 34% of Dominicans live below the poverty line, and in addition many Haitian children have fled here in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake.

Your Sponsorship Provides: 

  • A Catholic Education
  • Full Room and Board
  • Daily meals and Clean Water
  • All Personal and Clothing Expenses
  • Basic Medical Support
  • Counseling and Religious Instruction
Sponsor for: