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Tips for Writing to Your Sponsored Child

Tips for Writing to Your Sponsored Child

Are you wondering what to write to your sponsored child? Here are some tips for using your letters to show your child you love them, even from across the world:

Suggested guidelines when writing a letter:

Keep letters simple, using uncomplicated sentence structure. Your message doesn't have to be long. Even a short note shows that you care. Also, please remember that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Receiving a sponsor letter.

Some topics you might like to write about:

  • Ask about their school and/or what they like studying in school. Encourage them in schoolwork.
  • Tell them about your school (when you were a child, or if you are a student, your current school).
  • Ask your child if they have siblings or about their friends.
  • Tell your child about your family, and send photographs so they can see what you all look like!
  • Tell them you are thinking of them or praying for them.
  • Ask them about their favorite game or sport.
  • Tell them about the weather, particularly if you just shoveled out of a snowstorm or it's been raining a lot.
  • Ask them about their favorite food.
  • Tell them about your pets, and remember - kids love to see photographs.
  • If your own child is writing to your sponsored child, have them send drawings.
  • Write about your home country (buildings, places, culture).

Ugandan girl from Catholic child sponsorship program holding letter

And most important of all, positive support from sponsors is crucial for the success of our children and their mental/emotional health.

In countries like Uganda where education is highly competitive, upper-level exams put a huge amount of stress on students. Often it can be counterproductive to criticize grades. However, if you are concerned about your child's performance in school or some other aspect of their life, please contact the office at 414-323-5000 and we will call our local ministry providers who are best equipped to handle the situation.