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John Martin Opio
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DOB: 06/03/1991
Good Health


I come from a family of twelve, eight girls and four boys of which eleven are still alive. The story of my vocation all started from the most painful story in my life, narrated to me by my mother. She was graced by God with six girls in her first conceptions without any male child, and this made her a laughing stock in the society. This is because the tradition so much cherished the male children for many factors like social security.

This influenced my father to hate her as per the saying, ‘society molds us to what we are’. It so happened that she conceived for the sixth time in which I became a victim, as she attempted an abortion, for she thought she had a baby girl again. She tried several times, but it was a failed mission. With the mercy of God, at the end of the ninth month, she gave birth to two baby boys. However, this was yet another issue since the society regarded this as a bad omen and unnatural to give birth to twins.

Although both factors psychologically affected me, I’ve been most troubled with the case of abortion, mostly because this has remained a thorn in the flesh of most societies to date.


I am strongly convinced that God spared my life to save other lives and to bear a living testimony. Due to the experiences of my early years, I thought it would be possible, by becoming a priest with the grace of God, to live my life fighting against abortion and saving many innocent souls.

After finishing my senior exams, I happened to meet a Franciscan Capuchin priest who briefly gave me a hint on who St. Francis of Assisi was. His love for ecology and creation at large convinced me that I will be helped with the charism to love all of creation more, including the unborn.

I have been in the order since 2013 and have yet to begin my first year of theological studies. Despite the fact that it is the duty of the order to support my priestly formation, it is now too difficult for them to do so.


I thought I could resort to my family for financial help, however, the challenge I have is that my family is big and poor, and so supporting me to achieve my goal of priestly formation is too expensive for them. I would be very grateful if someone or several people come to my aid to help me reach my dream. I appreciate in advance any help that I get, and it is my prayer that God may reward you as you do so. Thank you very much.  


1. $250/month - Partial Sponsorship with 2 other Sponsors

2. $125/month - Partial Sponsorship with up to 3 Sponsors

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  • All University Tuition and Fees
  • Books and Supplies
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  • Living and Food Expenses
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