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Anthony Maseruka
Sponsor Me For:
DOB: 04/13/1992
Good Health

Journey to the Priesthood

I am the third born in a large family. I was brought up in a Catholic Christian family but at a young age, I was lukewarm in the practice of my faith. This was because I wanted to be a secular musician and an actor. Eventually I realized I needed to do something to fulfill this dream, and I started molding bricks and selling them at a low price to earn money. My parents were unable to help me in this endeavor; in fact, they had only been able to afford to send me to school through primary levels. After that, I relied on the money I could get from brick molding and I managed to finish secondary school on my own. By that time I had changed my dream, and wanted to become a doctor, but once again I was prevented from pursuing this goal since there was no one to help me.

I remained in my village with the rest of the youths, and began falling into immorality as a result of my difficult life as a brick molder. I began drinking, and even sniffing cannabis to take away the pain of carrying the heavy molder day after day. I felt better keeping away from home, because I was disappointed that my parents had never helped me pursue my dreams.  In 2013, during my high school vacation, I met a doctor who advised me to enter university but in vain – I could not go.

At this point in time, I had not yet attended catechism classes to be confirmed as a Catholic. It was with the help of my mother and partially my dad that I enrolled myself for catechism classes. I had an experience of reconciliation with my parents when they realized they had never given me the proper instruction in the faith, and they wept with regret. It was after a while of taking classes and being exposed to the ministry of priests that I started to feel that I wanted to become one myself. I saw how these priests lived their lives counseling and giving guidance to the Christian people. This idea did not come just once, rather it gradually developed. Eventually, I met the vocations director for the Capuchins who helped me discern the call to the religious life.

All Glory to God on High!

Yours in Christ,
Maseruka Charles Anthony


$500/month is a full sponsorship but we give options for multiple sponsors to join together to sponsor a seminarian. Br. Anthony will be writing to each sponsor and praying for their families daily. 

Your Sponsorship Provides: 

  • All University Tuition and Fees
  • Books and Supplies
  • Local Transportation
  • Living and Food Expenses
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