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Give to Ukrainian Refugees in Poland

$120,000 Project Goal
$117,359 Amount Raised
$2,641 Still Needed
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** 100% of Donations are Being Sent Directly to the Little Servant Sisters on the Frontlines in Ukraine and Poland **

Sisters Serving in Poland
The Little Servant Sisters are directly responding to the great humanitarian crisis that their Ukrainian neighbors are facing.

They are offering hospitality and shelter to women and children refugees in Przemysl, and other centers with their General House in Stara Wies, near Brzozow. Their focus is to provide:

  • Places of welcome
  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Medicine
  • Clothing and basic necessities
  • Spiritual and Psychological Support
  • Child products and games
Sisters serving Refugees in Poland

Sisters Serving in Ukraine

Additionally, in eight locations in Ukraine, over 25 sisters have decided to stay at their homes and are being exposed to the war’s uncertainty of tomorrow, but still accepting into their homes, or to their parish premises, people fleeing from the areas of the heaviest fighting, and offering a variety of help.

Recently, the sisters who worked from Odessa had to go to a safer place where they continue to experience firsthand the effects of the war by:

  • Caring for wounded soldiers
  • Participating in the preparation of meals for combatants
Sisters staying in Ukraine

A Message From The Sisters

Please read Mother Beata Chwistek's (Superior General of Little Servant Sisters) Letter of Gratitude to initial Donors. 

She mentions more details about what they are currently facing and states the sisters are experiencing a great specific need of funds for 
Food, Hygiene Products, Bandages, and Medicine.

Let us also join together and share whatever assistance we can. Our sisters and the refugees will most certainly need it.

Sisters Making Food for Refugees

CARITAS For Children- Back To Our Roots

The inspiration for the ministry which eventually became CARITAS For Children began when our founders, Christopher and Barbara Hoar, adopted two children from an orphanage in Poland run by these sisters.

Since our official beginning in 1998, CARITAS has continued the relationship with the sisters by supporting them in running their orphanages in Poland.

CARITAS Founders in Poland

To help the Little Servant Sisters in their ministry to the Refugees and those still suffering in Ukraine, we are sending 100% of all donations directly to the sisters on the frontlines in Ukraine and Poland. 

Based on our 25 year relationship with the Little Servant Sisters, we have complete confidence that they will be excellent stewards of the funds we send them. We pray that you will help us reach our goal so that the sisters can continue to provide the Spiritual and Corporal works of mercy on the frontlines throughout this crisis. 

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