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Ivan Mugo Kizza
Sponsor Me For:
DOB: 06/08/2016
Favorite Subject: English
Favorite Pastime: Soccer

Ivan lives with his paternal grandmother after his father failing to support the family and the grandmother took the responsibility of Ivan to save him from what could happen next. The father is a school dropout and the only skills he had acquired was fishing but three years ago, the army chased them away from the fishing area and took over the whole fishing area leaving people that were earning and surviving from fishing without jobs.

The mother was just a house wife and unemployed and yet life had to continue that is to say; feeding, clothing, among other basic needs remain needful and all the time. This family that had not more income starved for some time and they started doing activities like washing people’s clothes and cleaning around for food but this too wasn’t enough. Ivan and his elder brother were almost running for street and this is when the grandmother came in to rescue but she is also a peasant farmer with a small piece of land where she grows some food enough for feeding but not enough for sale and yet Ivan needs education hence seeking for help from CARITAS. Ivan would like to become a Business Administrator if he gets a chance of completing his school.

About my country:
Known as the “Pearl of Africa”, Uganda is located on the shores of Lake Victoria in the Great Lakes region of East Africa. Since emerging from decades of civil war and the devastation of AIDs, estimates indicate that 48% of Uganda’s population is below the age of 15. Young children suffer disproportionately in the struggle to access healthcare, education, and clean water.