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Specioza Bisasirwa
Sponsor Me For:
DOB: 11/13/2010
Good Health
Favorite Subject: Social Studies
Favorite Pastime: Jump Rope

Specioza has recently lost her sponsor and is in great need of a new one in order to continue living and learning in a boarding school.

Several years ago, her father abandoned the family and Specioza was taken care of by her mother who was mentally ill and suffered from seizures very often. Specioza and her mother lived with her grandmother who did her best to take care of them. They have always been struggling to survive and occasionally, they did not have enough to eat. Unfortunately, Specioza's mother, Annet who sometimes would walk around the streets selling sweet bananas, had suffered a seizure, spent 2 weeks in a coma, and died. Specioza is now back to living with her peasant grandmother who cannot afford to send her to school. 

We are hoping that Specioza can be back in boarding school so that she can live in a stable environment and have all her needs met. Specioza particularly loves Social Studies, and very much hopes to be able to finish her education. We are praying that through a sponsorship, she will have a chance at a bright future. 

To help Specioza go to boarding school, she will need $120/month from one sponsor, or $60/month from two sponsors.

About my country:
Known as the "Pearl of Africa," Uganda is located on the shores of Lake Victoria in the Great Lakes region of East Africa. Since emerging from decades of civil war and the devastation of AIDs, estimates indicate that 48% of Uganda's population is below the age of 15. Young children suffer disproportionately in the struggle to access healthcare, education, and clean water.

Your Sponsorship Provides: 

  • A Catholic Education
  • Full Room and Board
  • Daily Meals and Clean Water
  • All Personal and Clothing Expenses
  • Basic Medical Support
  • Counseling and Religious Instruction
Sponsor for: