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Child sponsorship is all about making a long term difference in the life of a child. Through your sponsorship you are empowering a child to make a better life for themselves and their community, allowing them to break out of the cycle of poverty and despair.

Boarding School Program

If you select the Full Boarding School Program,  for about $3.00 per day, $90 per month, tax deductible, your child will receive everything they need in order to attend a full boarding school program run and staffed by Catholic religious.

Many of the children in the Boarding School Program are orphans. Children with no place to live require a higher level of services. The CARITAS For Children Boarding School Program provides 24-7 care for these children. All the possible needs – personal and spiritual – are taken care of, including all of the benefits listed above, as well as:  

  • Annual Tuition
  • School Supplies
  • All personal and incidental expenses
  • Transportation
  • Medical services
  • All clothing expenses
  • …and so much more

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Oliver Nakitanda’s Story

At five years of age, Oliver became part of the CARITAS For Children family when our location coordinator for Africa, came across her in a remote village in Uganda, wandering along the road near a field where she had been working. A tiny little girl with a hoe bigger than herself. Undernourished, dressed in tatters, all that she knew was working under the sun as she had been doing since she was able to walk. One of five children of a young, widowed mother with no benefit of education, Oliver’s future looked bleak.

Oliver Nakitanda
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